Spark's journey

The Sinnoh region, where new and strange Pokemon are abound.

Spark's journey

Postby diywid on Mon Jul 07, 2008 9:58 am

Spark's House
The night before he set off to explore Sinnoh, Spark was having a rather pleasant dream.
In Spark's dream
'Proffesor Rowan, I have done what you asked- caught and trained every Pokemon I could get my hands on,' Spark said, grinning at his team of Water, Electric, Grass, Ground, Flying and Dark type Pokemon.
'I am pleased. Let me reward you with a little something,' replied Rowan, handing Spark the national PokeDex.
'Thank you so much. I will now be able to catch even more!' the boy said gratefully.
He was just leaving the Lab to try and catch some more when...

Spark woke up, his head filled with exciting thoughts of capturing Pokemon. He then thought 'Let's not just dream, let's go and do it!' and pausing only to pick up a PokeDex and 5 PokeBalls, he dashed over to the Proffesor's Lab.
Proffesor Rowan's Laboratory
Spark was immediately embraced by a warm-hearted man with dark hair.
'How pleased I am to see you! I have heard that you want to emulate what others have done before and travel into the land of Pokemon. I am only too happy to assist and will provide you with a Chimchar,' the Professor said, offering Spark a PokeBall.
Spark accepted with a grin and got Chimchar out of its PokeBall to check it was in good condition. Satisfied with this, Spark...
a) trained Chimchar (state length of time.)
b) started his attempt to 'Catch 'Em All' on Route 201.
c) explored his hometown of Twinleaf.
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