DaMarcus's journey

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DaMarcus's journey

Postby diywid on Mon Jun 30, 2008 9:04 am

DaMarcus's House
In rural Twinleaf Town, DaMarcus was sleeping peacefully, dreaming about his adventure which he was about to embark on. That was until a Noctowl woke him up. DaMarcus attempted to go back to sleep, but was so excited about going off on his expedition that he did not sleep another wink. As dawn broke, his parents awoke and DaMarcus had a couple slices of PokeToast with his parents. He then combed his black hair and put on his black jacket ready to leave.
'Bye Mum, bye Dad!' called out DaMarcus cheerfully.
'Good luck, DaMarcus. Here, have a Pokedex and 5 PokeBalls,' replied his father and handed him a small bag containing the items mentioned.
DaMarcus then left his home and went over to Professor Rowan's Lab.
Professor Rowan's Lab
He was ushered in by a short, formally-dressed man who explained that Professor Rowan was at his desk. Sure enough, the dark-haired man was sitting on a stool with 3 PokeBalls in his hand.
'In my hands I have three PokeBalls, each containing a different type of Pokemon. You can choose Turtwig, Piplup or Chimchar, but bear in mind the Pokemon you choose will be with you for the rest of your journey.' After a short pause, DaMarcus grasped the PokeBall containing Chimchar. 'Ah, you've chosen Chimchar, the fire Pokemon! It is one worth training and I suggest that you should do that first.'
DaMarcus nodded and decided to...
a) take a look around Twinleaf.
b) catch some Pokemon on Route 201.
c) take the Professor's advice and go and train (state length of time.)
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