Marina "Peaches" Willow's journey

The Johto region, where the evil Team Rocket's headquarters reside

Marina "Peaches" Willow's journey

Postby diywid on Wed Jul 01, 2009 10:56 am

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On a frosty winter's morning in New Bark Town, "Peaches" rose early for a special reason. It was the day for her Pokemon adventure to begin, and she was going to get her hands on a Totodile. Skipping breakfast in her excitement, she headed off to Professor Elm's Laboratory.
'Hello, young Marina...' began the ageing but knowleadgeble Professor. 'What brings you here?'
'I want to start my journey into the depths of Johto,' Marina replied. 'And I'd like to take a Totodile with me, to assist me whenever necessary.'
'Well, if you're sure, you might as well start now!' Professor Elm said enthusiastically. 'Would you like to test out your new Pokemon's strengths against my grandson, Stuart?'
Marina decided...
a) to take up the challenge. (Stuart will become your rival, and follow you throughout the game if you choose to challenge him.)
b) not to accept the challenge.

PS What do you want me to refer to your character as?

PPS Please feel free to use the chat section, and post in the existing 'Hello' thread or make your own. :D
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