Emerald's journey

The Kanto region, where there are strange and powerful Pokemon abound.

Emerald's journey

Postby diywid on Thu Jan 15, 2009 8:33 am

Emerald's House
Emerald woke up early one morning and found a letter adressed to him on his bedside cabinet. He opened it excitedly and revealed a small piece of paper with somewhat untidy writing scrawled on it. It read:
'Would you like to start your quest to become a Pokemon Master? If so, pop down to my lab and I'll set you on the right track. Yours, Professor Oak.'
Emerald's mind filled with hopes and ambitions and he instinctively knew he had to take up the offer. After having a sumptuous bowl of PokePops and explaining to his parents where he was going, Emerald sprinted over to the majestic-looking Laboratory in the centre of Pallet Town.
Professor Oak's Lab
'You must be Emerald!' said the Professor cheerfully as Emerald entered.
'Yeah, I got your letter!' replied the teenager.
'Well, I've got all you need right here,' explained Oak. 'Here's 5 PokeBalls, a PokeDex and a Piplup to help you on your travels!'
'So can I go now?' asked Emerald, eager to get going.
'I don't see why not,' answered Professor Oak. 'Remember, you can come back for help any time.'
'Ok, that's cool!' shouted the adolescent. 'I'm gonna go and...
a) explore Pallet Town.'
b) train my Piplup.'
c) catch some Pokemon.'

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