Amethyst's journey

The Kanto region, where there are strange and powerful Pokemon abound.

Amethyst's journey

Postby diywid on Tue Jun 24, 2008 9:06 am

Amethyst's House
At midnight in Pallet Town, all was well. Amethyst was having a dream about catching a Riolu and then being a champion trainer after Riolu evolved into Lucario. A few hours later, however, and he was awoken by the singing of Spearows and Wingulls outside.
He stretched and, feeling rather stiff, decided to make himself some breakfast. He carefully poured a packet of PokePops into a bowl, and drowned them in Tauros milk.
Having finished that, Amethyst heard his parents getting up. He got dressed quickly and said his goodbyes to his parents, who wished him well. He then wondered towards the entrance to Pallet Town Lab.
Professor Oak's Lab
Having read the sign saying 'Professor Oak's Laboratory,' Amethyst walked inside. The ancient-looking man waved him to the wooden chair by the Professor's desk.
'I have been advised that you are planning to start your Pokemon journey, and you would like a starter Pokemon to accompany you. Well, unfortunately, I have given away all my Kanto starters but I do have a spare Pikachu. Would you like that instead?' asked Oak kindly.
Amethyst nodded his head vigorously, so much so that his black looks got messed up.
'Well, I see you are enthuasiastic, so I will not detain you any longer,' smiled the Professor, pointing to the door.
The boy grabbed the PokeBall containing Pikachu and headed for the door. Before he reached it, he was halted by an assistant and presented with 5 PokeBalls and a PokeDex.
'Thank you,' grinned Amethyst and he sped out of the door to...
a) catch some Pokemon.
b) train (state length of time.)
c) visit the houses in Pallet.
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Re: Amethyst's journey

Postby Missingno.123 on Thu Jun 26, 2008 9:50 am

B. train my pokemon
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Re: Amethyst's journey

Postby diywid on Sat Jun 28, 2008 2:48 am

Amethyst took his Pikachu for its first adventure in the Training Forest.
The Training Forest
Amethyst explained to his Pikachu 'In this world, you train by chopping down trees. So, you may now go and cut down those Oaks over there.'
Pikachu ran over to an ancient looking tree, and after a few minutes chopping it fell down! Pikachu gained 50xp. and Amethyst was $PD10 better off due to the felling of the tree.
This continued until Pikachu gained a level and its power rose by a fraction. Amethyst then...
a) visited Route 1 to catch some Pokemon.
b) stayed and trained more (state length of time.)
c) headed back to Pallet Town.
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