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Postby LordKaien on Wed Apr 16, 2008 9:28 am

1) no spamming. i'm not just talking about links to porn sites and things like that, but I also mean posts that only contain the word "lul" or "rl4hoihf4".

2)swearing. ok, just don't say the words sh*t, fu<k, or worse words than that.

3)cheating. if you figure out a way, don't. this means multi accounts.

4)porn. dude, it's a pokemon game. don't put porn in a pokemon game.
that's about it.

5)teams. If your in a team, don't go into another team's base, unless on a spy mission, or you are changing teams.

6)regions. you can't play in 2 regions at the same time. However, you may move between them.

7)Please, register in the forum first, and then sign up for the RPG.
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