Warning: Viruses

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Warning: Viruses

Postby diywid on Sat Feb 28, 2009 2:40 pm

There has been a recent spate of users having links to virus-infested and/or pornographic sites. I would like to make it clear that this behaviour WILL NOT BE TOLERATED on this forum and I will ban users without warning if I discover suspicious links. If any users discover anything suspicious on this site, they should contact me immediately and I will take action.
I have already had to ban two users for having links to sites which contain viruses and can steal personal information if your computer is not protected.
I would also like to remind users not to spam. I will delete or lock any topics which I consider to be spamming. I will warn the offending users, and failure to heed the warning will result in being banned from this forum.
Please ensure you stick to the rules to make sure this sites continues to be a user-friendly site.
Update on 18/03/09: Regrettably, I have changed the user registration settings so I now have control over who can join this forum. Please be patient if you want to sign up and I will try to activate your account within a day. I hope you will understand my reasoning, I believe it is in the forum's best interests to make this decision.
I will now be clamping down on website advertising, and will now only be allowing advertising for websites that are Pokemon-related or are forums created by users.
Update on 19/03/09: I will ban you immediately without activating your account if you attempt to create another psuedonym after an earlier account has been banned.
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